The best ways to Grow Tomatoes throughout the Winter Season

The majority of people would never think about growing tomatoes in the winter. They believe that tomato season is exclusively a summertime or even fall time activity. Tomato lovers do not have to keep their gardening to the spring and summer season months. They can also grow tomatoes in the winter season.

About Winter Tomato Plan Growing

You can grow tomatoes indoors during the winter season. While you might have to pay more focus on them than you would with summertime ones, you'll appreciate of your fresh tomato harvest throughout the cold months. Some of the extra care aspects you'll need to remember are:

Tomato seeds take about 10 weeks to germinate. To have tomatoes throughout January and February, it's finest to plant them by the end of October. Since you'll be growing indoors, you do not have to fret much about frost. Get more helpful information about corner log cabins from www.ilikelogcabins.com .

Steps to Growing Tomato Plants Indoors

Step # 1: You will need peat moss, vermiculite and coarse sand to plant your seeds. Mix these components and put them into a large plant pot. About 5 gallons works well for tomato container planting.
Step # 2: It's important to fertilize your soil. You will require equivalent parts of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.
Step # 3: Take one seed and place it in the middle of your pot. Press it down about an inch and cover it with just a little bit of soil. It only needs about a quarter of an inch of soil on top.
Step # 4: You will have to put enough water into the pot up until it runs from the bottom.
Step # 5: Place a cage in your pot. Make sure it is.
Step # 6: Place the pot in front of a window. South facing works best because it will receive the most sunshine during the day.
Step # 7: Water your plant enough, so the soil doesn't get dry. Don't overwater though because that will cause damage too. When the seeds sprout, you can water the plant when a week.
Step # 8: When the plant begins to grow high enough, tie the branches to the cage with a piece of cheesecloth or other soft string. This will keep it from breaking.
Step # 9: Once the tomato plant begins to produce fruit, ensure to fertilize with a water soluble fertilizer every 2 weeks. This will keep your plant producing fruit.
If you've never ever grown tomato plants in the winter, give it a try this year. You might shock yourself. Before you know it, you'll have fresh, flavorful tomatoes for all your winter season dishes.